Thursday 21 July 2016

Freshers' Guideline to Southampton (BruSton version)

Assalamualaikum and hello readers!

We'd like to dedicate this post to all the freshers out there considering Southampton for university this coming academic year 2016/17.

We are always very excited to meet new faces and welcome you guys into our society!

So here's some information to help you settle in well in Southampton.


Agents we've tried and recommend:
1. Tenant Direct 

2. Tenant Link 

3. Direct Lettings 

On average, room rent ranges from £300 pcm to £400 pcm.

List of good roads that are in close proximity to the Highfield campus:
  1. Blenheim Gardens
  2. Ripstone Gardens
  3. Granby Grove
  4. Kitchener Road
  5. Sirdar Road
  6. Broadlands Road
  7. Mayfield Road

Shopping Time

Need something? Not sure where to get it?

You can find Sainsbury's, International Foods, Iceland and Waitrose in Portswood Road.
You can also go to Sainsbury's Local, Tesco and oriental shops in Burgess Road.
These two roads are walking distance to the Highfield Campus.
They also have other stores and eatery.

In the city centre, there are Asda and Tesco.

In Bevois Valley, you can find Aldi.
This is also walking distance but it's probably an extra 10mins walk.

Of course, there are other grocery stores in many parts of Southampton but these are the common ones.

Halal Meat
This is probably most Bruneian's main concern but don't worry, you can find halal meat in;
  • Sainsbury's (Shazans brand)
  • Asda (Shazans and Brunei Halal)
  • International Foods (butcher section)
For your first few days in Southampton, you can find these common halal eatery that we usually go to:
  • Texas Grill
  • Unikebab
  • Diego's
  • Roosters Piri Piri
  • Pepe's Piri Piri
  • Starfried
  • Coriander
  • Kuti's

Furniture & Fittings
You can find furniture in most department stores but here are the common stores;
  • Ikea
  • Argos
Both of which you can find in the city centre or you can order online for delivery/pick up.

You can get your stationery at the university shop.
Or if you want a bigger stationery shop, you can go to Staples in the city centre.

Travelling Tips
Wanderlust? Or just trying to get from Point A to Point B?

We understand that travelling info would be very important when you're out and about, so we've added these info under the FAQ tab of this blog for ease of access, incase this post is no longer the top post.

Within Southampton
  • All U1/U2/U6 buses stop at the university (Highfield Interchange)
    • So incase you got on the wrong bus, you can hop off the bus at the interchange and refigure out your journey.
    • More info:
    • Single trip: £2, Day rider: £3.50
  • Incase you need to get a taxi, the fare from the city centre to highfield area is approximately £10
  • Commonly used taxi number;
    • Radio Taxi: 02380 666 666
    • Tk Taxi: 04477 3344 0463
Beyond Southampton
  • If you are travelling by train:
    • Tickets can be purchased from;,, or at the station itself.
    • Recommended station: Southampton Central (more direct trains, city centre)
    • Alternative station: Southampton Airport Parkway (closer to uni)
    • Tip: get a railcard to get 1/3 off everytime you buy a train ticket. DON'T forget to bring it with you when travelling. £30 a year or £70 for 3 years.
  • If you are travelling by coach:
    • Tickets can be purchased from;
    • Coach stops at the Highfield Interchange (University of Southampton) and at the Coach Station (city centre)

Once you arrive, DON'T forget your BRP & enrolment appointment!

Bank Account
Procedures to open up a bank account:
1. Make an appointment with the bank you want
  • You will need:
    • Passport and BRP
    • Proof of enrolment (Justify the bank name and address)
    • Proof of your UK address
2. Update your bank details with UPP

Proof of enrolment can be printed from the university website.
SUSSED > My Student Record > Student Services > Proof of Enrolment Letter > Fill the letter > Print

All Bruneian students are required to register with a GP at NHS.
NHS can be found within the university compound, near the Jubilee Gym.

Gym Pass (Optional)
We have included details about the gym pass because if you are a full time student, you can only get a one year subscription, nothing shorter. So it would be more beneficial to get it at the start of the academic year, so you can fully utilise your gym pass. It is £145 per year.

Gym pass is required to get access to the gym equipment (eg. treadmill, spinning, weights, etc)

BruSton usually organizes regular, if not weekly, sports meet such as badminton, netball, futsal, frisbee, basketball and swimming. To save money from paying entrance fee every time, it is advisable to get a gym pass. Especially if you are considerably active.

We hope these information has been helpful. If you still have unanswered questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Monday 6 June 2016

Leavers' Event

Leavers' event
Alhamdulillah, BruSton society has successfully organised the Leavers' Event 
on the 4th June at 156 Honeysuckle Road, Southampton.

The event unfolded as follows: 
Arrival of guests (dress code: dream job), Opening dua', Lunch,
 Games (Guess Who? & Guessing game), Prizes presentation, Group photo.

Class of 2016 Leavers:
Mursidi, Neji, Farhana, Adi, Haziyah, Ahmad, Dzul, Raihan, Ghazi, 
Chong Nam, Daryl, Humaira, Bibi, Rofini, Zaza, Nabilah, Fadzlina, Izzah, 
Yazii, Diyana, Alex, Bani, Shahassanal, Hakeem, Hafiz, Akhmal, Afi, Tinah.
Leavers group photo
Some of the leavers who came to the event
Group photo 📸
Congratulations leavers and all the best!

Sunday 15 May 2016

Solat Sunat Hajat

Alhamdulillah BruSton has successfully held Solat Sunat Hajat for the upcoming examination.
Date: 14th May 2016, Saturday
Time: 8.30pm
The event unfolded as follows:
🔸Azan for Maghrib
🔸Maghrib Prayer in Congregation
🔸Sunat Hajat Prayer in Congregation
🔸Yasin and Tahlil
🔸End of event

📉Doa Menghadapi Peperiksaan📈
 📈دعاء مغهدافي ففريقساءن📉

Also, Baymax reminds to take a good care of your healthKeep up the good work and stay healthy.Baymax wishes all the best on your finals!

Monday 9 May 2016

The 2016/2017 Executive Committee

Sunday 8 May 2016

Appreciation Lunch

Invitation image
The event was held at JRC Global Buffet. It started at about 12.00pm as follows:


🔹Speech by Bibi Amadah Rusli, President of BruSton society 15/16.

She was then given a surprise gift at the end of her speech.

🔹Certificate presentations to the 15/16 BruSton Society committee members.

🔹 👗👔Best dressed awards 👞👠
congratulations to....

                           Best Dressed won by Ema
                                      Ema Nor Azman

Best Dressed (Male) won by Amirul
Amirul Husni Marjuni

🔹The event ended with doa' penutup.

Thank you everyone for coming! You made the event more happening and enjoyable.
Group photo outside the reataurant
Group photo outside the restaurant.