Monday, 6 June 2016

Leavers' Event

Leavers' event
Alhamdulillah, BruSton society has successfully organised the Leavers' Event 
on the 4th June at 156 Honeysuckle Road, Southampton.

The event unfolded as follows: 
Arrival of guests (dress code: dream job), Opening dua', Lunch,
 Games (Guess Who? & Guessing game), Prizes presentation, Group photo.

Class of 2016 Leavers:
Mursidi, Neji, Farhana, Adi, Haziyah, Ahmad, Dzul, Raihan, Ghazi, 
Chong Nam, Daryl, Humaira, Bibi, Rofini, Zaza, Nabilah, Fadzlina, Izzah, 
Yazii, Diyana, Alex, Bani, Shahassanal, Hakeem, Hafiz, Akhmal, Afi, Tinah.
Leavers group photo
Some of the leavers who came to the event
Group photo 📸
Congratulations leavers and all the best!

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