Wednesday, 30 March 2011

BruSton Committee 2011/12

Congratulations to the following people on their positions in BruSton! We trust that you will do us proud, insyAllah!

Zainah Azharan

Vice President:
Hazwani Saifulbahri

Atiqah Adinin

Farid Amanuddin

Public Relations Officer:
Halimatul Sa'diah

Social and Welfare Officer:
Jack Matassim

Sports Officer:
BA Phs

Religious Officers:
Male: Zulkhairi Zolkepli
Female: Najibah Phb

BruSton Winchester President:
Harris Ahmad

Once again, congrats to all of you and we wish you all the best in running our quaint society :)


Saturday, 19 March 2011

BruSton AGM 2011

Salam and hello all!

It is time to vote in the new 2011/2012 BruSton committee.

Date: Wednesday 30th March 2011
Time: 2pm
Location: Building 29 Room 1101 (Chemistry Building)

For those interested in running for the positions, please provide us with your details to by 27th March 2011, 11.59 pm.

We are looking for a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sports Officer, Social Officer, Religious Officer and Public Relations Officer.

We encourage current second year students as well as first year students to get involved in the society. If no one runs the society next year, there won't be an official BruSton society recognized by the University anymore. So please take the responsibility and time to become part of the society. Thank You! =)

Below are theBruSton Committee Responsibilities:

1. President:
• Figurehead of Society to all external interests.
• Responsible for other tasks that do not come under the jurisdiction of other committee members

2. Treasurer:
• Maintain accounts of the Society to be made available for examination at the Annual General Meeting and by the Societies Department Committee
• Funds spent by Society must follow Union regulations and be authorised by the Treasurer and the President

3. Secretary:
• Keep minutes of Society meetings to be made available to Societies Department Committee
• Deal with all communications on behalf of Society and its committee
• Produce and maintain a list of all members, including up to date contact details, to be made available to officers and committee of the Society

4. Religious Officer:
• Organise Friday prayers for Muslim members
• Interact with Islamic Society and other Muslim societies to hold religious events and strengthen ties between Muslims in Southampton
• Recite prayers for meetings and events
• Organise celebrations of Muslim religious holidays

5. Social Officer:
• Organise gatherings, mixers and social events
• Deal with student welfare matters

6. Public Relations Officer:
• Responsible for all marketing of the Society including flyers, Society website and Bunfight
• Handle the ordering of and distribution of Society merchandise which includes hoodies and polo shirts

7. Sports Officer:
• Set up BruSton sports teams for intersociety matches within the University of Southampton and with Bruneian societies from other UK universities
• Organise friendly sports matches between societies and/or between Society members

Kind Regards,



Tuesday, 1 March 2011

BruSton National Day Celebration :D

Salams and Greetings to all!

Sorry for the lack of updates and notifications on the blog but it's been hectic. BUT, last weekend BruSton celebrated Brunei's National Day filled with food, games and FUN :D

Thank you for the photos from the various photographers that were around:)


The teams!

Alhamdullillah, it was a good day! Despite the hail storm and rain :) Thanks all again for coming!