Wednesday, 24 August 2011

HRD Briefing at Empire Hotel and Country Club

Today there was a briefing organised by the HRD Services at the Empire Hotel and Country Club, Brunei. Several UK universities International Office representatives came to give their respective briefings to the new students, one of which was the University of Southampton. The current and former committee members of BruSton also came to give some support and show some familiar faces to the new students.

Karen Arnold, the International Officer for University of Southampton gave a talk about the general life as a student at the University. One of the BruSton committee members also gave a small talk about BruSton and Southampton in general.

Many thanks to Karen for the handing out of certificates to the former members of the BruSton committee! And many thanks to those who came to the briefing! May your year in Southampton be an amazing one! :)

Karen Arnold from University of Southampton

The ex-committee and Amber :)

The audience

Talk from BruSton

Ex-President Lina Alli receiving her ceritficate :)

Ex-Vice President Syafiq Metassan :)

Ex-Secretary Sofiah Shazali :)

Ex-Assistant Treasurer and current Vice President
Nurul Hazwani Saifulbahri :)

Much Love,

BruSton :)

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