Wednesday, 14 September 2011

MS Brunei UK Societies Fair

Today BruSton 2011/12 committee had a booth in the Maktab Sains UK Societies Fair together with 22 other Bruneian Societies in the UK to promote their universities and societies to potential new students who might be applying higher education in the UK.

It was a great opportunity to recruit more members and we managed to grab a large crowd of students! All in all it was amazing despite the irony of having a lot of non-working fans on the floor at the forever hot canteen area! :P

Thanks to all who visited and came to support the event at the fair! And not forgetting the societies who took their time to come to MS and have their own booth! :)

The BruSton team! :)

President, Treasurer and the Assistant Treasurer! :)

The booth!

BruSea (University of East Anglia)

BruLeics (University of Leicester)

LufBru (Loughborough Universities and Colleges)

BruYork (University of York)

LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science)

BruSheff (Sheffield Universities)

BruBrad (University of Bradford)

BruWick (University of Warwick)

The crowd! :D

Much Love,

BruSton :)

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