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BruSton committee nominees 2013/2014

These are the nominees for our next BruSton committee 2013/2014. Tomorrow's voting process will be in the form of AV. Please also note that whoever is running for President is also running for Vice-President. The second runner-up will be the VP. See you all tomorrow and good luck to our nominees! :)

Nur Haziyah Rasidi

Running For : President, Secretary


Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

First of all, i would like to thank whoever voted for me to become a member of the next Bruston's committee especially those who voted for me as the new president. jzkk. 

Anyway, getting back to business. Why should you vote for me as president? the answer is simple. Because I care about Bruston. Bruston was established 3 years ago and Alhamdulilah it has gotten better each year. this is mostly due to the hard work of the previous committee. this inspires me to go for the role as president as i have many ideas and also some experiences to implement to the society, InShaaAllah. although speaking from only a first year, i understand how dull uni life is. lectures, labs, assignments. moreover, i am guessing most of us are always feeling homesick especially during exam times. hopefully if you choose me as your next president, my committee and i will turn that frown upside down. InShaaAllah we will conduct a lot of activities so 'stress abiskita semakin berkurang' and we want the members of Bruston to see Southampton as their 2nd home. i don't want Bruston to be just a society but also a family. so in conclusion, VOTE FOR ZIYAH AS YOUR PRESIDENT! 

Hanee Majidah
BSc Psychology, 1st Year

Running For: President, Social and Welfare Officer

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera.
I’m Hanisah Majidah Haji Ahmadiah or in short, as most of you know it, Hanee. I’m currently studying Psychology so safe to say, beware, I “read your minds” 
I’m running to be your next President and the alter ego side of me is taking up the challenge to go for the Social and Welfare Officer as you’ve nominated. First and foremost, I thank you for your humble unanimous nominations.
I am currently the Student Ambassador of The International Office working alongside with The International Office officials themselves in monitoring our university’s current and prospects international students enquiries as well as administrating The University of Southampton International Office Facebook page hands-on. I believe that if I am to be your next President, this can Insha Allah be beneficial for both parties (BruSton and IO) in creating a smooth interaction for any particular enquiries or any official black and whites since all of us here in The BruSton Society are international students ourselves.
For whichever position that you think that I truly deserve, my main aim is to unite all BruSton members together to be one big happy family creating endless incredible memories together. I believe this ‘Happy family’ concept isn’t just for the years that we share studying in Southampton here together but will also go beyond that. Who knows we’ll be work colleagues in the near future, wouldn’t it be lovely to reminisce back our wonderful years here instead of just having some bleak memories?
I won’t blabber on my past experiences being the Head of Bureau of The Student Council while also being the President/Vice President/advisor/etc of my CCA clubs during my school years but I can only say, being put TRUST to be part of the team is all that matters and Alhamdulillah, with great teamwork, all my past experiences of holding such positions made it all worthwhile not only for the committee but also for our society members. I can never regret looking back at those hectic days and I hope I can achieve the same or perhaps better with BruSton committee.
So vote for Hanee to be your next President or the Social and Welfare Officer and let’s imprint remarkable experiences for our society together!

Siti Jurainah Junaidi

Running For: President, Social and Welfare Officer

First of all, I’m very honoured to have been nominated as the President and Social and Welfare Officer for the BruSton Society. To be frank though, President is my first choice of position and Social & Welfare Officer comes second.
During my college days, for two consecutive years, I had the opportunity to work voluntarily once a week at charity shops – worked with other volunteers, handled the till, organized items for sale. In upper sixth, I was selected as the JCR as well as a Big School Rep. What I was, was a voice to the people of my previous boarding house – taking comments and suggestions, and putting them out there during meetings with the school’s Deputy Head, Catering Manager and Head Chef (food talk :P) Also in the same year, I was appointed as one of the fire wardens in my boarding house. Rolling further back, in high school, I was assigned as a treasurer for my batch’s sport’s house. Having said all that, I believe that I have the qualities of becoming a President; able to collect and convey messages, give a helping hand, respond to emergencies quickly and effectively, and hold on to the trust given by whoever it is who nominated me as the President, InsyaAllah.
As for being a Social and Welfare Officer, I hope to offer the people of BruSton joy and excitement. I myself like to have fun and do crazy things (good kind of crazy). If I were to be given this role in the committee, I would try my best InsyaAllah, to organize social events where most people, if not all, could gather, socialize and have fun together, be it dinner or adrenaline-rush activities. Most importantly is to make everyone feel the sense of belonging and flush out any awkwardness, or get awkward together.
So that’s pretty much it. Thanks for reading my manifesto and I hope to get your votes for any one of these positions! 

Najiah Azim
BSc Mathematics and Actuarial Science

Running For: President

Assalamualaikum everyone 
To begin with, my name is Nurul Najiah Abdul Azim and I am a first year student. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who have nominated me in the previous AGM selection. I shall be running for the post of President in this coming Friday.
What do I have to offer?
Below are some of the criteria that I believe would be useful:
• I am open to new ideas and suggestions
• Willing to help in any way that I can
• I am a fast reader (I can also provide assistance in editing some letters or documents)
• I am an analyser
• 100% commited
• I have some general knowledge; this concerns mostly about countries and history
• Some accounting knowledge prior to taking accounting based-subjects throughout high school
• I am present in most of Bruston’s events (formal or informal)
My main goal:
• To make the university life in Southampton as meaningful as possible (through all aspects: religion, culture and social)
• To further strengthen our ties in the Bruston family
• Promote Southampton University to not only potential students but to everyone, so that it will be recognised even more as a well-rounded University
• To be of help to the members of the Bruston’s society; this especially applies to the freshers.
In sha Allah, I promise to uphold my duties, should I be chosen; to the very best of my abilities.
My apologies if my manifesto is too lengthy. Hopefully, this would deem me worthy to be the next President.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and last but not least;
Vote for me as the next Bruston’s President! 

Afizahabi Ismail
BSc Mathematics and Actuarial Science

Running For: President

Positions of Responsibilities:
Student Council Maktab Sains (2009-2012)
- Head of Visiting/Outdoors Bureau (2009)
- Head of Economic Bureau (2011)
-Unison between the Bruston Members
-The Growth of BruSton 

'In this moment, we are infinite' :)

Zirah Jamal
BSc Accounting and Finance

Running For: Treasurer, Secretary

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone. To start off, I would like to thank whoever nominated me for the roles of treasurer and secretary (yeay!) although to be honest, I am more opting for the role of the treasurer.
I was once a treasurer in one of my previous schools so I believe, it is safe to say that I have the imperative experience and qualities of holding the role of the treasurer. These invaluable qualities that I have attained not only include having the ability to work well with others but also getting others to trust me.
I was also a member of the Entrepreneurial Club in my previous school where (if it is not obvious enough) I became an ‘entrepreneur’ and dealt with money. In order for my team to work out, teamwork and trustworthy qualities are vital and I believe I have picked up these skills from being a part of this club.
In college, I took part in numerous teamwork-based activities like house music (not to be mistaken with that genre that requires you to get crazy on the dance floor :p). These activities tested my teamwork, communication and coordination skills. Lastly, being in a boarding school for my A levels had taught me to be considerate and to work and blend well with others.
A good treasurer needs to be capable in handling figures and cash and, have experience in dealing with money and budgets. I believe I possess these traits as I have been dealing with figures and money since forever and am still now. To substantiate that, I am also trustworthy and methodical.
A good secretary needs to be; methodical, respects confidentiality and is well-organised. I am positive, I also have these attributes.
To sum up, hoping I wouldn’t sound too cocky, I think I am trustworthy, flexible and able to work well with others. I possess a good sense of humour if you ever need a good laugh or a great day. If I could be a part of this committee, I hope I can be of a great help, not only to the committee but to Bruston as a whole. In Sha Allah.
Thank you for reading and vote for me! 

Afiqah Bariah
BSc Mathematics and Actuarial Science

Running For : Treasurer, Secretary

Why am I suitable?
1. I work well in teams
2. I'm well organized and like to be neat with all of my work
3. Highly energetic

Overall: 3 words to describe me: Spontaneous, discipline and dependable

Din Jaya
BSc Psychology, 1st Year

Running For: Sports Officer (Male)

I'd like to run for the sports officer giving focus to keeping bruston members active and healthy. Hope to introduce more football and badminton through friendly matches and maybe coached training if we have members who want to take it seriously. Will also be willing to assist members in fitness and general well being. 

Adibah Nasip
BSc Biology, 1st Year

Running For: Sports Officer (Female)

Salam. I’m Adibah Nasip and i’d like to run for sport officer ..

-I plan to introduce Frisbee 
-Netball probably twice a week,
-Organise event like winter games, easter games & friendly matches with the other bru[insert uni] or perhaps netball societies in soton, if they’re up for it.
-I’m still new and to be honest im not good in netball but im learning so give me a chance and i’ll try my best
-Please vote for me

Farhana Ahmad
BSc Mathematics and Actuarial Science, 1st Year

Running For: Social and Welfare Officer, Treasurer, Public Relations

Assalamualaikum, and hello everyone 

To start with, I’m Farhana – a first year undergraduate student. I would like to express my gratitude to have been nominated as one of the candidates for both Social Welfare Officer and Public Relations Officer. Alhamdulillah, and thank you all, especially those who have nominated me.

What do I have to offer :

• Dedication

• Approachable

• Responsibility

My aim(s):
• To make Bruston/Southampton as a second/third home – a home away from home
• Merapatkan lagi sillaturrahim sesama semua Bruneian students, be it Masters students, undergrads etc
• Making the most out of uni-life, making it more interesting, meaningful, useful, fun and less stressful
• Lending a helping hand, being useful 
In sha Allah
I promise to give it my best, in sha Allah and thus if you feel that I’m worthy to hold one of the responsibilities (hopefully, the Social Welfare Officer one hehehe), please vote for me 
Thank you for your time and everything. Mohon maaf jua for any kesalahan and kekurangan in my part 

Faizal Salleh

Running For: Religious Officer (RO)

Because I am willing to learn :)

Nur Rafidah Ramlan
BSc Podiatry

Running For: Religious Officer (Female)

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Alhamdulillah for everything. First of all, I would like to thank you to those who nominated me as Female Religious Officer. In sya Allah, if I were chosen I will definitely do my best and carry out the responsibilities that is entrusted to me. :)

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