Friday, 7 March 2014

Nominees for 2014/2015 EXCO!

Assalamu'alaikum wrb, and greetings everyone!

These are the list of candidates running for respective positions for BruSton committee 2014/2015:

  • President: Amir Rosli, Shahassanal Izzat and Hanee Ahmadiah

  • Vice President: Adibah Nasip and Syazana Fauzi

  • Secretary: Afiqah Hamizah, Nabilah Jipli and Yaziidah Haa

  • Treasurer: Muhammad Afiq Al-Hakeem and Nabilah Jipli

  • Religious Officer (M): RON*

  • Religious Officer (F): Izzah Ismail and RON*

  • Sport Officer (M): Shahassanal Izzat RON*

  • Sport Officer (F): Azimatul Fadzlina Harun and Bibi Amadah Rusli

  • Social and Welfare Officer: Bibi Amadah Rusli, Yaziidah Haa and Amir Rosli

  • Public Relation Officer: Afiqah Hamizah and RON*

  • Winchester Representative: Nurus Saifulbahri, Musfirah Ghani and Humaira Zakaria

  • Postgraduate Representative: Sani Kamis and Aaron DB M

*Re-Open for Nominations in AGM-meeting

If any of BruSton members would like to run for any of the positions labelled RON, please don’t hesitate to contact the President or any of the current committee members before AGM-meeting.

Thank you, and updates will be available especially via facebook  :)

BruSton, with love

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