Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bruston bond over Bruquest

GUILDHALL, SOUTHAMPTON CITY - SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2014 - An ice-breaking activity kicked off for the members of Bruston hosted by the Bruston committees. The activity ran from 9am until 5pm with a break between 12 to 2pm.

The event commenced in the morning were held in Southampton University, conducted by Bibi Amadah, the Social Officer. It involved various enjoyable activities like "Belalang and Belatok" where participants are named as mentioned and each Belalang must pair up with one Belatok. A story was told by Bibi Amadah and whenever the she said Belalang, the belalangs must clap Belatoks' hands and vice versa.

They then were teamed into 4 and each team must come up with a name for their team based on Brunei's local fruits. Team must also present why they chose the fruit and came up with a short cheer.

The morning activities subsided with certificates of appreciation given to previous committees 2013/2014 and the announcement of 2 new committees Yaziidah Aziz as Public Relations Officer II and Diyana as Welfare officer.

Meanwhile, participants joining the race gathered at an open space in front of Guildhall at 2pm. The race which took part around Southampton City, had around more than 20 Brustoners joining it. 5 checkpoints were set up at different venues with 5 more enjoyable games. At ASDA, participants were given close up images such as rice, chicken, egg and more. They had to guess what the items were and look up for them at ASDA to take full pictures and guess what can be made from the stated ingredients. Another game set up at West Watts Park instructed the participants to act out and instavid 15 seconds of Titanic Scene and post with a hashtag BrustonOi.

All teams must gather at Guildhall after they have completed all the checkpoints. Prizes were presented to the teams and one lucky RSVP winner.

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