Friday, 11 November 2011

Friendly Sports Matches is up!

Hello to all! BruSton is glad to announce that insyaAllah, friendly matches will be held between BruSton and Cardiff (BDSSW) soon! Details are as follow:

Date : 26th November 2011
Venue : Cardiff, Wales, UK
Matches included : Futsal, Netball and Badminton

If you are interested please contact our Sports Officers Ba Phs and Zainah Azharan. A coach will be rented if there is a large turnout of interests and price will be informed once numbers are confirmed. So, please, do join! :)

More details and contact can be found on the BruSton facebook page here :

Hope to see a lot of you there! :)

Much Love,

BruSton :)

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