Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hari Raya Aidil Adha


Today Allah has bless us with another beautiful night "to celebrate the victory of so many pilgrims" said Wardah Ja'afar.

The celebration was held in a house at Mayfield Road commencing from 7:30pm onwards. Fireworks were showering all over the area in Southampton, and so another Bruston member Aqilah Ali also states "It really feels like raya."

Our takbir Hari Raya was recited after some of us had our sembahyang Fardhu Isya' together. Soon after, we continued our celebration with a feast made by everyone.

On behalf of Bruston, I would like to send the biggest thanks to those who have work so hard with love in preparing the food, the place and the company. Alhamdulillah, the night went well, the food was great and everyone was happy.

As a general knowledge that I would love to share:
  • We can't fast from the 10th of Zulhijjah till the 13th of Zulhijjah.
  • Sunat Hari Raya: Take a shower in the morning, cut of your nails, wear wonderful and appropriate clothes, use perfume or something that can make you smell nice and lastly go the mosque/surau.
May Allah bless all of you. <3

*photos credits to Wardah and Aqilah Ali

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