Monday, 14 October 2013

And.... It's back to Soton again! The Bunfight 2013

Assalamu'alaikum wrb and greetings all   :)

Alhamdulillah another event went well, this time it was the BunFight at University of Southampton, Highfield Campus on the 25th September 2013!

BruSton, with love

Let's proudly represent our Bruneian identity and family bonds! BruSton's booth was located at the Jubilee Sports Hall, where other fun societies (especially the sporty and cultural ones) were.

Thank you to those who came up to our booth, and to those who signed up for the membership   :)
Hopefully we made a good impression on you guys, and that we did a good job on representing our beloved country and family-like society    :)

The before...
ie. process mengusai booth BruSton

In the midst of...

The result:
Our booth's set-up~

The working team! (absent in the pic: Din, Male Sports Officer)
The working team!
A special shout-out to Rahman and Saidi, many many thanks for helping out!

Our Social Welfare Officer~

Some of our first-year boys, with Din the Sports Officer!

Interested parties  :)

Group photos~

Social Welfare Officer, Jur, and PR Officer, Far, (at the right end and the left end respectively) with some of our first year girls   :)

From first, second to third year BruSton boys!  :)

Soton reps, with 3rd year (Discovery Year) BruSton girls~
The Malaysian Students Association, MSA!

BruSton, with love  :)

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