Monday, 14 October 2013

BruQuest 2013!

Assalamu'alaikum wrb, and hello everyone!

Yes, yes, it's that time of the year to carry on BruSton's tradition, the.......



Alhamdulillah, it went wonderfully on the 5th October 2013, Saturday. However, this time it was held at the Highfield Campus, University Of Southampton due to convenience.

The day's event officially began with Surah Al-Fatihah, recited by the Male RO, then continuing with the overview of what BruSton is & what we do, to introduction of the Orang-Orang Kuat (Committee members) BruSton   :P

It is then followed by light breakfast~

Next, we carried on with the self-introduction of guests and participants, then to briefing on games prepared for BruQuest afterwards, then to team members being confirmed. Oh, there was also aerobics, led by our Prez and Male Sports Officer, to get you hyped up enough for the game!

Games played at respective checkpoint:
Checkpoint A- The Drinking Game
Checkpoint B- The Charades in a Line
Checkpoint C- Create a Pantun for...
Checkpoint D- Pictures-game, copy it to score it!
Checkpoint E- Shuttlefoot

Some of the teams displaying their charades skills,

At the Pantun checkpoint,

Let your creativity flow~

For the Pictures-game checkpoint, we had...

The original pics

The Copy-Cats~

At the last checkpoint,

It's nearly the end of the event but then, an unexpected turn of things came about! So...

We had another round of Pantun game, as a tie-breaker!
Good pantuns, guys and girls!

and finally, the scoring..

and of course, prize presentations!

Heartful congratulations to all teams, no matter which place you are, you guys are a winner!!

1st- Group Four
2nd- Group Three
3rd- Group Two
4th- Group One


Lunch was served towards the end of the event, along with membership registration and payment fee.

As the official penutup of another BruSton's events, Doa Selamat was recited by our Male RO.
Alhamdulillah   :)

We hope everyone had fun, playing around the campus as well as berkenal-kenalan   :D
In shaa Allah, the BruQuest tradition will continue to be carried on by the next Committee.

We apologise if there are any lacking on our part, and also sincere thanks from us for coming, for your participation and also for becoming a, new or continuing, member of BruSton!

BruSton, with love

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